Friday, October 14, 2011

ALL SORTS of stuff......

I'm off early tomorrow to head down to the Sidney Art Show and I'm not back until later Monday night and when I do get back it will be to the clamoring thousands wanting to book a table for the annual Christmas Craft Fair - an event I've been organizing for, oh, about 50 gazillion eons........ok ok we are exaggerating but it seems like a long long long time.
Anyweareonceagainblitheringway, here I be with all sorts of thoughts running through my head. Making sure the suitcase is packed with all the things I need except that it usually turns out they are not right at all when I get to my destination. It's a gift to be so confoundedly inept at knowing what to bring.  And I am waffling as to deciding to bring along the newest painting too; it seems ridiculous as I will be picking up my paintings (well unless they sell) from the show. But you never know if an opportunity will present itself.
The van is now the repository for my 'emergency' supplies; something we on this coast in the heart of seismic activity and tsunami events must take seriously. However, my supply kit seems equal to setting up a wilderness takes up 1/4 of the rear space. What with extra clothes and all the food and cooking stuff and bedding and odds like matches and candles and first aid stuff and I haven't yet got the tent and rope, hatchet etc. also recommended in there.
Mother of all that will sustain you in dire times, it boggles the mind.
Mind you, if I need to camp out on any of these journeys south, I am so on it.  The van is now probably more luxuriously accoutremented than what a fair lot of the poor of our world can claim as shelter.
And more changes are in the wind. We are going to be revamping the website later next week. I am not amused by having to fork out excess $$ for the current place. Really, it's not THAT special to download pics of paintings and have the title beside it. My great and special Gallery Guy, Mark Penney, is going to help me with this. Expect great things with him as my guide. So, keep that in mind for later next week.
AND we've rewritten the 'book' with a more concise storyline and included new work and ongoing tales. If any of you are looking for a site to 'write' your own book and self publish, may I recommend BLURB. An extremely easy and user friendly site with a plethora of styles to use.....can't say enough good things!
AND last but not least, let me leave you with the following snap of what goes on when I'm writing the blog.
This is the chair I sit in at the computer. Perhaps we need to rephrase that. This is the chair JAMS sits in while I'm at the computer. My part is that wee bit of space off on the side.
But she does keep my ass warm.
A silver lining in all clouds.    

Painting: "LIQUORICE ALLSORTS" by Jonathan Hargreaves. I admit I am dangerously attracted to the poisonously yummy things.

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