Saturday, July 17, 2010


Lately, I've tapped into an age old tradition in the life of an artist, to wit: Trading. It's no secret many artists throughout time have traded their work for food or more supplies or what have you. This is how some fantastic paintings have ended up in some odd places; such as attics or old trunks; only to be discovered decades later by the great-great-great grand niece as she cleans out the ancestral digs.
So in this honored tradition I am trading for: New teeth (my dentist had Jack Shadbolt and Tony Onely as patients so he was right cool with the idea) (awesome!) and a new hairdo.
You gotta love the whole idea of 'tradesies', which, by the by, was in place long before money got it's miserable claws into us.
What you see above is the painting I'm trading to my hairdresser - gots ta look swell for the BIG day next Friday! I actually like trading. I generally choose to work out a new thought or copy-in-my-own-way style an artist I admire. The above is after Egon Schiele, whom I adore; sexy thing that he was. AND! I always label the painting as such - I'm not trying to 'hoodwink' anyone. My hairdresser did request a 'color scheme' which is fine with me as it gives me some new ways to work with color that I may not have thought of before.
I really like this one!

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