Monday, July 5, 2010


One of the bonuses of living in a remote area like I do is the fact that you can see stars at night. I sat on my little front patio last night and looked at the stars and listened to ....nothing. That's another sweet thing, the peace. Anyohrubitinway, it got me musing on Inspiration. I guess for most creative souls it just takes some, um, 'click' in our brain that turns on the tape, so to speak. For me it's purely visual, as witness the old photos I'm currently wrapped up in. But there's always the problem of being influenced by what the world expects from you or thinks of as 'pretty' and, opposite of that, as 'edgy'; especially in this art world full of pretentious bullshit.

Yep, I said that.

I pick up old issues of 'Canada Art' at the Library when they throw them on the discard pile and then browse through them being alternately gobsmacked and depressed. I don't think I'm weird enough. ( really? ) Also I was listening, as I was painting 'Lush', to a talking book 'Genius' by Jesse Kellerman that was the story of an NY art gallery owner and his discovery of a new unknown talent; (great story by the way!) and true to the myth, this fellow's artists were ALL weird in some way. I kept thinking of how to get stranger than I am so to garner Art Galley attention.
Ok, we've veered into the ozone and need to get back to topic.
The thing about inspiration is that we all get it. I don't care if you're artistic or not, you are inspired by all around you. If you're a gardener, you see other gardens or the plethora of magazines out there that make you want the 'look' too or if you cook- same thing. Heck-o-roonies, you can put it to anything. Clothing, feelings, people, fitness, LIFE!
Kinda cool, that.
Think about your inspirations. And may it make you so.
Pic is: 'Starry Night' by Van Gogh and if you don't know this one, I am really gobsmacked!

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