Thursday, July 29, 2010

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Well....the Mobile HS Internet Connection gadget thingy FAILED. Great idea that flopped upon application. First: it kept cutting out on me all the time. Boo Second: you have a 500 MB download/upload limit before they start chucking on extra charges. I can do that in one day with all the research/cruising I do (For ART you naughty people!) BOO 2X and third: my scanner went flooey and wouldn't work with the mobile key plugged in. I USe my scanner A LOT! BOO X3
I am sadly disillusioned.
If anyone out there knows who I can advocate/whine to at TELUS for HS service out here -and in my defense let me say that the cable network is all in place in my little part of the planet- I'd be VERY happy to know!
Back to the turtle......rabbit needs some work underneath his flashy exterior.

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