Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Get OUT!!

I'm so gobsmacked right now, I can hardly think of words to describe what's just happened...!

Let's set the scene for you.....

This am when I was FB chatting with my friend Don, he asked if I had picked up my work from the Sooke Jury Show.
"Wha'?" says I, "I thought they phoned to let you know if you're in." "Nosiree" Don replies. "You had to pick up/ find out on Sunday last!"
Now, Sooke is a 4 1/2 hr drive down Island for me like I may have mentioned, so just hopping in the van and whippin' round is not an option. What did we do?
We panicked, of course.
Got on the phone and called the Sooke Arts folk and - you guessed it - no one was there. Left panicky message and then bit nails and tried to figure out what/how to get paintings. Meanwhile, upstairs-flatmate says he needs van as truck is hooped and I've yet to do the town stuff. This is after he's been away the last week with van and left me with the hooped truck. This is how it usually goes, right?
Anywhataflapwe'reinway, we rush into town to see the Gallery guy and hit the Library and etc etc. Get back home after 2 hrs of that tweetie stuff and no messages.
Decide to call Sooke folk again.
This time a lovely lady answers and lets me know she isn't where the list is so will have to call later but does know 2 works were accepted and, yes, it's ok for someone else to pick them up as long as they have all the info.
Okey dokey.
I'm busy writing email to friend Don to see if he'll pick up for me when I get another call.
"Hi, Marla? It's Fiona from the Sooke show and I'd like to tell you that not only did "DISCONNECT" get in, but it won the DIANNE FARRIS JUROR's AWARD!"
So folks, on July 23rd, I'll be front and center at the SEAPARK Center in Sooke, B.C. receiving the $500.00 award for the Dianne Farris Juror's pick.
Yeah, right now being an Artist is the SWEETEST thing!
But best of all is Dianne Farris is one of the premier art divas out here on Van Island and this is where I've wanted to be for so long.
I'll just excuse myself to run around screaming happily for a bit.......


  1. Eeeeeeehaw!!!! I'm so thrilled for you Marla. Congratulations. The West Wing is booked for your presentation night...Hugs, Sue

  2. Congratulations, Marla. These are impressive portraits, and very strong art.

    That little Sooke show attracts about 7000 people each year and showcases submissions by hundreds of 'up and coming' artists from the area. With any luck Dianne Ferris will consider showing a some of your work in her gallery in Vancouver.