Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Hear and Obey

I did a painting about 2 years ago...well, closer to 1 1/2 years as it was for a Christmas Gala and the last one that was held was Dec 2008. The thing about the Christmas Gala is that it's a charity fund raiser for a number of local things, like the aquarium and food bank here on the coast. I donate a painting to this and for that one I had painted an image of four 'mature' women eating ice cream cones and laughing with each other on the beach. They weren't your usual 'model vogue' types but lovely lush and ordinary. The woman who bid and won this painting hung it in her B&B here in town and it's been seen by the many guests she has from all over. My 'Gallery Guy' told me last week that he has about 4 people a week come in and ask him if there are any prints of this painting they can purchase. The thing about that painting is it wasn't 'my' image - I copied the picture. Now this is something that is not really on the 'up and up' but as I was not getting any money at all for the donation and the money was for charity, I was easy with this decision. My Gallery Guy wanted to make prints from the painting but I am not comfortable with that, even though he said that it was my own interpretation - it just doesn't seem ethical to me. However it seems to be a popular subject so hence and etc......this is my own painting in that theme.
It's called: EAT, PLAY, LOVE....EAT ice cream, PLAY on the beach, LOVE your friends.

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