Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My 15 Minutes

Hah, I was so focused on that painting that I forgot all about 'THE BIG NIGHT' know, winning the Diane Farris Juror's Award. Yeah, that. was a surreal moment fraught with my usual bizarro overtones. I was nervous. I get nervous having to walk onto a stage - I think 'cause in my mind there is always the possibility that a '3 stooges moment' will ensue. My dear friend was beside me for support - thank goodness - and then there was my painting flashed up on the big screen and up I tottered to the front - on my hand painted RED high heel shoes, might I add - and it wasn't Diane Farris presenting but a member of the Art Show and it was a real 'get-them-processed-fast' second...the certificate shovelled into my hot sweaty palm with my back to the audience.
Huh. So much for that 15 minutes of fame.
And folks are asking if my head is swelled from all this.
Not so much.
Picture is a cool photo of Melyssa (??) by Derek Blank. Very cool, non? I think it captures the whole story of 'fragile Ego and Fame's two-edged sword'.

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