Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Grey Area Between Black and White

I went to a great party at friend's home last night. Good folks and good food and conversation with some of my townspeople who I haven't seen in a while. 
But here's the thing.
One of my friends has a husband who is, well, to be blunt, a racist. Now, I do like this guy - I like lots of oddballs- many times we will carry on good talks and enjoy the time spent. But, but, but and but again, if he starts talking about 'other races' (and by that I mean non-white, anglo-saxon) he becomes a bigot. AND he honestly thinks he isn't doing anything wrong because he coats all the 'spew' in humour. 
He was carrying on about a famous comic at last night's party - who's name escapes me because I don't have TV and am completely out of the loop when it comes to this kind of thing - apparently this comic is of East Indian heritage and lambastes most every other race around and, apparently again, can get away with this because of the fact he is of 'different race' ie:  not white. And this husband of my friend was just in love with this guy.
Now while I was listening to him, I kinda glanced around and really was hit with the realization that ALL the people at this party were 'white'. Granted we live in a small community but we have people from other cultures I was sort of taken aback.  I really love my friend (wife of this oddball) so calling him out would set into motion some unhappy repercussions, however I am sitting here this morning kind of appalled at my reticence to confront this behaviour. 
I do know I will NEVER introduce my multi cultural friends to him - that's a given. 
STILL! I am left wondering and in the dilemma of what is the best course of action here.....really, any kind of racist behaviour demands that you step up. But do I want to alienate my friend forever? Small town too, folks.
Not feeling good about this at all. 

Painting: "Moving In Day" by Norman Rockwell who approached the topic of racism often in his paintings. 

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