Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting all Gala on Ya



Well it's the last big weekend of some thing I'm involved in before the how-de-do of Christmas and I'm talking about "The Christmas Gala" ; the yearly extravaganza that I and some good folks organize to have a great excuse to dress up seriously and party seriously and eat great food seriously and raise money for deserving local charities. Seriously.
This year we have made the theme a 'masquerade' and as such, I created the mask you see in pic #2. What is not visible is that I took apart an old pair of eyeglasses and fit them into that mask so I can actually see ! There's a bonus, huh? 
Anywhatanexcusetomakesomethingwildway, we spent 4 hrs setting up today then will be back tomorrow finishing setting up and then I will zip on back home to feed the Jams and get dressed and then drive back into town - and no, we will not be driving with my mask on - and party down. 
I also made the third year of doing this. Here's the series so far:

Trophies 2010

Trophies 2011

So I'll be snoozing in for at least a bit because we have to clean up Sunday - sheesh.....wasn't this supposed to be fun?

It is, really, it is.

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