Sunday, December 2, 2012

Well, Great Jiggly Bellies, Anyit'sbeginningtofeelalotlikeChristmasway


I don't quite know what happened in the last 4 hours.....I mean, there I was this early a.m. at the Community Center, yawning, stiff, and barely cognizant, to clean up after last night's GALA extravaganza (yes - will post pics - after this blithery intro) and sincerly feeling my years let me tell ya- after hefting and loading up plinths and easels and cleaning the great hall and activity rooms etc so forth and continuing, and thinking I would just veg-out at home with some sticky buns, when out of the blue I did the above. 
This is not 'normal' Marla happening.....whatever 'normal Marla' is.....I am not one to go all Xmasy-can't-happen-soon-enough-after-Thanksgiving - nosiree - I'm more the wait-until-Xmas-eve-eve kinda gal. 
I've got Carols on the stereo, even.
What in all that's Grinchy, is going on here? 
Beats the shiny balls outta me.
All I can think is the celebrating with my townsfolk last night and realizing that this little town is really truly my 'home' and seeing what a great group of ladies I am proud to work with accomplished.....well, all that just sort of made Christmas happen. 
A 'gift' indeed.

The photo: my old sculpture from felted carved styrofoam, appliqued and beaded and put together with 'found' objects, strung with lights and garnished with shiny balls. 
The 'Christmas Me'.....(insert smiley face)

and now.......The GALA pics:

The first bunch

The whole bunch - later in the evening- (can you tell?) Amazing we actually all fit in the photo booth!

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