Thursday, December 20, 2012

The 3 a.m. lightbulb

I woke up at around 3 am today with a great idea for a painting series. Seriously, I was smiling when this 'uploaded' itself into my consciousness. Now, apart from the fact I was smiling virtually in my sleep, I started wondering about that strange inexplicable moment of 'inspiration'. As an artist, I have a great deal invested into inspiration. And I believe for any creative soul this would hold true. Mind you, this also carries over to all and sundry as 'inspiration' is pretty much needed for a plethora of activities. Like what to get for all those folks on our Christmas list....right? 
Or what to cook for supper....again.
Anywhateveritmaybeway, inspiration is really a difficult 'thing' to pin down. What is it really? Yes, you can say 'an idea' but the actual definable 'is-ness' of inspiration is beyond words - sort of like love. Has there ever been some scientific hum-and-haw study of it? Not that I'm aware of. What I do know is that it can be the most fickle of desires, often completely deserting you when you really, really, really need it.
And how about trying to figure out where it arrives from. Certainly me waking up with this new idea at 3 am is puzzling - and I wasn't eating a dish of exotic richness for dinner yesterday so the postulate of fabulously indulgent food causing strange dreams don't work here. I always have strange dreams and they mostly don't inspire me in any way other than to ponder what the hell is going on in my sub consciousness. 
The great artists of yesteryear gave inspiration a 'icon' in the figure of the muse. And there are many stories of muses that the same lived with. (Altho' I have to say I've not seen any women artists ascribe the same to themselves....interesting thing that, wouldn't you agree?) 
Ok.....let's get back on topic, or at the least hope we can stagger back from the twisty paths I go down.
It would be greatly wonderful to be able to have inspiration just be there when you need the darn thing. 
I guess until that time I shall just hope for the best - and be eternally grateful that the creative soul still beats within me.

The painting: "Inspiration" by Gilbert Cantu. Mixed Media. 
Nice. And there are not many paintings on this topic, oddly.....

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