Monday, December 17, 2012

Women and Cats

"Women and Cats will do as they please and men and dogs should just relax and get used to the idea."
 - Robert A. Heinlein

I've been cruising the electronic highway over the last few days, gathering research on cats because I was contemplating that perhaps after my 'dog' series, I need to do a few 'cat' ones. (Jammies says it's 'bout time) 
Anyfurrypurrylookatmyassway, I came upon this great site called (oh so serendipitously) Women and Cats. With a plethora of great photos and art of selfsame. With the above quote as a header. 
The first pic that caught my eye is the above of my own personal icon: Georgia O'Keeffe, with her cat. 
I am entranced by this photo - because Ms. O'Keeffe was not a real 'smiley' gal in the vast majority of her snaps. She had a pretty serious demeanor to herself......but just get a load of that happy face. 
So I started thinking about the thing that supposedly is attributable to women and their connection/fondness for cats. As an aside I'd like to say that as true with all generalities oft purported, it is not always so - I have women friends who feel  towards the felines of this planet much like I feel towards the dogs.....not a big fan. And I also know there are many men who have a big heart for those aloof pets, my son being one.
But there does seem to be a very strong bond with females and felines for some unexplainable reason, whatever it may be.......did you think I was going to solve this universal query? 
I wish I could being as I fall decidedly into this camp of kitty devotees.
It also seems to be a pretty popular subject for painting.....from Picasso on up and down. 
There is one thing that I observed as I look at these pics and that is, in comparison to dogs who have a tendency to open their mouths a lot, cats don't 'smile'. 
But they certainly can be affectionate. Let me illustrate. 

This is me and Jams every time I sit at the computer. She loves sitting in my arms as I browse......the purring is non-stop. I also must wrap my shirt/sweater/hoodie around her...I know, believe me, I know. It makes me crazy because I usually forced to type one handed and after a while of that particular idiocy (as if the slow crap of dial-up wasn't bad enough) I do place her on the couch. 

That only works until I get up to make a coffee after which I will return to find this:

In her defense I'd like to point out she did leave me a corner on which to perch.......kind of.
All of this adds to this connection/bond/furry leech scenario to which I am alluding. 
And I, for one, would not change that for anything. 
And to close I would like to add this little comic that is also something Jams does. 

Yep - pretty much as she pleases. 

PS....I recommend going to 'Women and Cats' for a great browse but be aware - it's a time sink!
PPS.....What in all that is photogenic, is going on with my neck?!?
PPSS.....and finally:

"Artist with her cat" Marion Perlet 

I rest my case.

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