Sunday, November 25, 2012

She Organized, She Set Up, She Passed It On....

The Start:


the end. 
Or near enough. What I really wished I'd done is to get a snap of the Craft Fair at the height of the immense crowd that went through....but there you go - I was most likely gabbing. 
50 tables and approx. 80 vendors. Biggest CF yet in my lo-o-o-ong stint as the organizer of this event. Which has spanned the last 20 years. (eesh...has that much time gone by....?!?) Not too shabby to have this as my 'swan' song. I passed it on to the younger crowd who are the organizers of the Friday Night Market and have formed a society around that.
 It was time to let go. 
I am admitting to some sadness this am but am also looking forward to just being a 'plain old vendor'. 
Can now paint more. And make more 'thingies'.
And not have cranky souls to deal with. 
There is a lot of misunderstanding by vendors when it comes to how much work organizing Craft Fairs can be. And that, try as you will, you are just not going to please everyone. There is always going to be a place viewed as 'not the best' and upset folks who feel you've slighted them by placing them there or a mix up with assigned tables or something untoward....unfortunately. This year it was the radio station giving out the wrong phone number AND that when I arrived yesterday morning at the crack of dawn to open up and get ready for the hordes - the keys I was given didn't work for the doors. 
Had to wake up the Recreation Director from her well earned sleep-in to come down and rescue me. And calm the anxiously waiting vendors. 
Always something. 
Ah well....these are the stories that entertain in years to come. 
So my dear reader(s), if any of you participate in any type of Fair or assembly of selling folk, please take a moment to consider the effort the organizer(s) put forth. They really truly want everything to be the best for you as it all reflects well for everyone. It's only by working together that we flourish and prosper. 
And remember to shop local.
Now, to rest up.
...after I unpack the van and sort out the boxes and store the tables and screens and then prep for the next event,
....... did I mention I'm also helping organize "the Christmas Gala"....?
For next weekend.

I think I'm slightly crazy. 

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