Saturday, January 28, 2012

When You Come To The Fork in the Road, Take It.

Ok, kids, who said that?
Our friend, Yogi Berra who was a pretty wise guy for someone who smacked around balls.........indeed.
So moving right along, I've gotten into 'art journaling'. And that is the art craze very much like scrapbooking except instead of buying all the supplies, like pre made pages and paper ephemera, you, being the creative bunny you are, make your own. A sort of very arty diary/book you write in or draw in.....whatever takes your fancy. And how did my twisty little head arrive here? Well, I am currently enthralled with the TV series "Supernatural" (don't ask) and the opening menu page is these journal pages that are all collaged and written on and drawn on.....very awesome and the thing that completely hooked me. Anycutandpasteway, I've been happily gluing and cutting and painting and writing over the last few days as a way to deal with something going on - it's very therapeutic and keeps my mind from wandering.
So, here's a few examples:
and :

I started with a blank old notebook with a spiral binding - that's important to make it easier to make your pages. And then find a whole pile of old magazines and markers and paints and well, just about whatever your heart fancies. There are a whole pile of scrapbooking websites that give you down loadable pages and goodies to play with as well as providing inspiration. 

Anywearereallytiredway, I've been trying to download a couple more pages and so far I've spent 2 hrs doing that....honest to Pete I DETEST dial up......I am going to try again tomorrow.

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