Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Only Thing We Have To Fear....

I've been contemplating phobias, and this is why you ask? Well, after stepping out of my bath last night, I happened to notice the shrivelled remains of a largish spider floating around. Which means, so obviously, that the creature had been in the tub before I drew my bath and only because I was off in that land of the roller coaster I call my mind, that I missed it. I'm not a fan of spiders - one of the most common of phobias by the way - I think it's the basic wiggilyness of the darn little suckers that gets me - but it did creep me out to realize there was one sharing my bath with me. Mind you it was dead, clean and dead, but still.
Anytwilightzoneway, it sent me off into thinking about painting a series based on phobias and so, off I goes to that great resource of today : GOOGLE.
....holy messed up psyche Batman, are we ever strange! There is a phobia for just about everything we do/feel/say/see....it's mind boggling.
But, oh boy! What a rich resource for inspiration for a new series!
I'll let you know how it works out.

The picture is a part of a larger piece by Roy Lichenstien and I'll try to track down the whole name etc. Roy was pretty hot in the 60's/70's with his 'comic' paintings which basically took comic images and blew them up to about 300X the original size...or should that be 3000? What I wonder is: how did he get away with 'copying' the comic book artists work?

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