Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wait For It....

Ever wonder how inspiration happens? Or why?
I do.
I've just had one of those 'where-in-hello-did-that-come-from' moments with this painting. It's completely morphed into another 'thing' on me. What with all the background hoop-de-do I've been going through, this last vision is just making me get real excited.
And it happened because I watched a great little movie called "Georgia O'Keeffe" with Joan Allen and Jeremy Irons. Exceptional film. And, of course, being as Ms. O'Keeffe is a personal icon; hugely inspirational.
It did make me wash off the second background I'd done on this painting mind you, ('cept I washed it off outside this time!) And I admit that I thought I'd truly done a major flop at first and was going to have to wash it off as well, but, by all the angels of the great creative spirit, it's REALLY fine.
Now I'm in the dilemma of not knowing if I should throw out this totally different look.....
Told you my imagination makes me crazy!
The painting: "The Inspiration of St. Matthew by Carravaggio" needed some of the old masters.

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