Thursday, August 5, 2010

Studio High Jinks

It seems I'm channeling the 3 Stooges in the studio with this current painting. It may be the size but then, I'm open to suggestion...(s)
After that previous 'bathing' episode this latest incident has me wondering.
Being a hopefully eco-conscious Artist citizen of this good Earth, I mix up my own paint colors in recycled containers. These can be anything from old yogurt tubs to small glass jars or plastic vitamin bottles (my personal fav) Yes, so, as I paint I'm generally surrounded by the various lids of these containers and they can pile up around me as the painting session continues. Eventually though, we must match the lid to the jar to 'tidy' up as we need some space to eat.
Following so far?
Yesterday after an intense couple of hours and 5 jars, it was time to end. I was matching lids to jars - as aforementioned - when I discovered one lid gone astray. I looked all around. I moved various piles of reference materials to peer under for said lid. I looked under couch. I went into all rooms in Artist Hovel....all to no avail. All this effort took about 3/4 of an hour with me getting more and more pissed with could I have mislaid one stupid lid? Eventually I just wrapped a piece of plastic wrap and elastic band around the open jar and went off to eat. As I was sitting there munching on my homemade cranberry pita bread, I realized there was something stuck to the underside of my elbow.
You guessed it.....the lid.
What makes me laugh ruefully the most at this happening, is how long I walked around searching for the damn thing and it was on my elbow all the time.
Just call me "Moe".

The painting is: "Painting Myself Into A Corner" by Lee Harvey Roswell (TRUE name! or maybe he changed the originally born-with one.....artistic prerogative)

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