Thursday, August 12, 2010

Strange Days Indeed

I am somewhat, um, bemused by a strange occurrence in my Artist's Life. Yesterday I got an email from a friend asking who was advertising 3 of my paintings to sell in the local paper.
After some posting on Face Book - who and what can't you find out about on that Internet gossip-shop - I got the answer to my query.
Turns out to be a local soul that some years ago commissioned me for a special painting; a very large special painting; and is now moving and doesn't want to have the hassle of moving the piece as well.
That's all well and good and I actually don't have an issue with this - I learned long ago to 'let go' of what I create after it becomes someone else's property. I have had someone tell me they found a work of mine in a down island 'Sally Ann' so if your in possession of a fragile ego, an Artist is not something you should be. You'll never come out alive. What makes me bemusedly smile, is how much this person wants for the works. It's kind of a 'backasswards' compliment, if you see what I mean.
And I'm not dead yet......


  1. I think the biggest compliment is they think it's sale-worthy. Considering how much one just tosses during a move.

  2. So true, Sandra! I guess there's always a 'silver lining', right? I shall be wondering what happens if no-one takes up the offer....