Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who's on First, What's on Second and I don't Know's on Third.

I think I mentioned that I take my paintings to bed with me before. I really do, but it's not as weird as it sounds. My bed is built into an alcove and as such, is enclosed by 3 walls. The wall at the foot of my bed has a picture hook in it where I hang my canvases to look at while I ready myself to sleep. That way, I can see how the painting is progressing and what needs changing or work out the color scheme I think will work best or just generally continue the artistic process. And my mind wanders as I "make up stories" about my painting. This seems to be especially true with the latest ones - "the Rita Series" and now the "Bathing Beauties". I think because the inspiration is from actual photos of young women now certainly long dead - I wonder about their lives and what they were doing that brought them to this particular studio to have this photo taken and how now, almost 150 years later, I'm using this image of them to create with. It's a strange feeling. Made me wonder if some image of myself or something I've created will be viewed by a future someone who will be inspired too. I read a science fiction book many years ago titled "Dream" (I think), which had an artist whose paintings "came alive" there's creating! The figures she painted would suddenly pass her by on the street...and being as she lived in New York, no one ever really realized that the strange "woman/lioness" or "man/eagle" was Anyway, what this little wondering lead me to was that in my readings of all and sundry, I know there is a Quantum Science experiment happening that is trying to make "anti-matter", the most powerful substance known and what is believed to have caused "The Big Bang" that started all this life-as-we-know-it. So, trying to be brief, if this is made then conceivably it would be used to create another "daughter" universe to about playing god. Or maybe "we" are a "daughter" universe ourselves from some other beings experiment. Certainly that would be "in God's image", would it not?
The mind boggles when you envision the many universes we supposedly have (oh I love Quantum Physics!) strung out like beads on a necklace.
After all the whole process of "creating" does seem somewhat (forgive this ) "godlike" to people from my experience. And I've certainly heard folks say "it looks so real!" or feeling a strange life-like eminence about paintings or sculptures or what have you. It ties in with my belief about the early paintings in caves that were viewed as having the power of gods. Those Artists were imbuded with the power of creating the life around them.
Well, I don't claim to be anywhere as powerful as that. But I'd enjoy the experience of passing by one of my paintings "in the flesh" so to speak.
I wonder if they'd go for a coffee?

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