Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh bla Dee Oh Bla Da Life Goes On Bra LaLaLaLa Life Goes On

I was at a huge family wedding that went from Friday evening to late Sunday afternoon this weekend. And at one point, as I looked around me,I was struck by what "family" means in this day and age. From me; who was once married to the groom's stepdad and mother to his stepbrothers; to the father of the groom with his new wife ; the grandfather of the groom with his new wife and the children of that union who were sisters with a 23 yr difference to the groom's mother; to the ex mother-in-law; the new mother-in-law ...whew! You just about needed a flow chart! But what joy was around us all. The fact we could all gather there to celebrate such a moment of life's continuity and all have a marvelous time together, well, the United Nations pale in comparison. It was pure magic to be a part of that.

How the idea of what constitutes family has changed. And I expect that as the way families are made now what with more interracial marriages and same-sex marriages and adoptions of children from other lands, they will continue to be redefined.

Fantastic. I'd like to think that as the lines blur more and more between the peoples of this world that it will make for a better place. That war will disappear because your aunt and cousins or your brother's family are no longer considered enemies because they come from another part of this world.

It bloody well gives me hope. This world is not as bad as those merchants of chaos lead us to believe.
So, love does make the world go 'round, we ARE all family and I for one, shall keep on believing in the bright side of life.

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