Monday, September 7, 2009


I'm thinking tonight about Inspiration. The actual "what is it" of the whole magical process inspiration seems to be. I'm really fascinated by how you can be turned on, so to speak, by the strangest thing or smallest hint or fleeting moment that leads you into an amazing process of creating. I guess this is sparked by the newest painting series inspired by the old photos of my mom I have been working on. For myself, inspiration has always been visual but I do admit that I've known some very inspirational folks too. That's more of a "if they can achieve that despite or look at what they achieved" thing.
It's a hard "thing" to pin down. I'm not even sure I can elucidate what it is I'm trying to say about inspiration. My dictionary describes it as "a supposed force or influence" ...italics are mine. Even the Oxford Dictionary doesn't know what to say. I have sketch books going back almost 20 years full of "inspirations". All I know is that right now I feel swallowed by this. The latest painting is actually making me weep with missing my mother for heaven sake! She's been gone 25 years!
But it's so wonderful to be feeling this way! I found myself wishing I could magic up a sponsor/patron that would just make it easy to ride this series for as long as it takes. Unfortunately I have to pay the bills/eat so I will have to take on "other" paying projects and I'm so scared that my inspiration will fade away.
Where are the Medicis when you need them.

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