Friday, September 11, 2009

Time For Moving On....

"Green Thumb" Rita Series #4

This is the last one of my Rita Series. I feel it's time to delve into a new series that I've been thinking of and I'm not feeling that overwhelming desire to keep this one going. Interesting how in the flick of a paintbrush all can change. I was certain that I would be painting "Ritas" for a long time .....huh. Perhaps the "demons' have been laid to rest; I did have an poignant moment during this last one with missing Mom and realizing that she truly was gone. Few tears and regrets....

Ah yes.

Anyway, I have found a whole bunch of old 1920's photos of "Bathing Beauties" that have me interested - all mostly posed in the Photographer's studio and very "saucy" allowing for the morals of the day. It's the looks on their faces that I hope to that I feel I've worked out painting faces with these ones (witness the 20 odd attempts with "Thursday's Child") And as well, I admit to thinking that these Bathing Beauties will be more popular out here on the coast......yep, we are commercially motivated like everyone.
SO! Looking forward to waking up with the focused desire that a new subject brings!
There's the secret to life - always having a new goal to excite you, motivate you and give you the excuse to buy more canvases!!

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