Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Listen Up,EH!

While I paint in my studio, I have the radio on and my choice of listening pleasure is the CBC. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, for my "not Canuk" visitors. What a fantastic station this is! I've listened to a plethora of subjects from science and intellectual debate to comedy and dramatic plays. And late into the night the rest of the world is invited to share what's going on in their countries. Last weekend I had an eye opener on the state of our Oceans to stories by the greatest raconteur ever - Stuart McLean. DNTO brought me new music and thoughtful humor and I get to find out what's up in the world of new technology on SPARK. I hear interviews with great inspiring Canadians, young and old. I get to go to Quebec and be immersed in our "exotic" counter culture ( and practice my feeble french) I hear one of the best multi-subject "talk shows" ever - Q. I am enthralled by the history of music that shaped our world. I get Jazz, I get Classical, I get old Rock and Roll, I get Contemporary, I get everything!


My point being; what or where else can you get such a banquet of ear treats? We should be standing up and yelling our pride in what is one of the finest examples of everything Canadian, everything that makes this country so wonderful. (yeah, I'm proud to be Canuk!)
The CBC should be classified as a National Treasure - instead of having to fight cut-backs and loss of funding. Not to mention, that in a country as huge and sprawled out as ours is, this is sometimes the only way we have of knowing what's going on in the rest of Canada. Certainly the opportunity to travel in person to the many varied places this country has is, well, problematical for the vast majority of us but CBC brings it all right to your door.
So, CBC, this is my shout out to you. Thanks for 40+ years of great radio. You've followed along with me wherever I've gone. You are the background sound to the play of my life so far.
And, boy, it's been swell.

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