Sunday, October 28, 2012

Huh? Wha'?

I spend a lot of my time in what you might say is ignorant bliss. 
I'm pretty much painting away the day and what goes on out in the big outside world generally passes me on by. 
Now, I'm not totally without a cognizant reality check - I listen to CBC, Canada's awesome radio station, and that pretty much clues me in to the shenanigans and jaw-cracking inhuman activities that go on out there. And the good stuff too, may I add.
But that's on the weekends - best radio programs on then!
Ok, all that aside, I'm most generally tuned into talking books and some good jazz. And I have mentioned a few times that out here in the boonies of the little remote place I live, I don't have TV reception - that suits me just fine too. After the month in Victoria where I was 'hooked up', I found out again just why I don't miss or even need it. I mean "Honey Boo-Boo", "Storage Wars" ? ? ? I rest my case.
Fine. Cool. Understood.
But every once in a while I get brought up short by something that proves just how out-of-touch I am.
Such is the case when I tapped into my Facebook page this morning and found out from all the excited posts, that there had been a huge earthquake up in Haida Gwaii (7.7!) and a resulting Tsunami warning with evacuation last night. 
I was painting. TOTALLY unaware. 
A couple of things come to mind with this. 
Firstly that perhaps me living out of town and so removed from warning systems is problematic. 
And two: am I actually going to clue in to the fact a major event is taking place just as the water is sweeping in the door to wash me away?
(May I add that I have a large Survival Tote in place in the van with food, clothing, gear etc. I am not that ignorant)
Anyheadinthesandasusualway, what is the answer to this crazy situation?
Darned if I know......I think I'll keep painting until it comes to me.

The pic: Good old Calvin and Hobbes by the awesome Bill Waterson. Pure genius. Don't forget you can click on the image and it will enlarge.
Grab a cup and read the comics!

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