Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vision Quest

"What a long strange trip it's been"
...Grateful Dead lyrics

Ah, those words could just about sum up my generation I think. Certainly ones, as I am entering my 6th decade of life and what can be viewed as the 'winter' part of this journey, I am inclined to parrot. Lately I feel that I am on the edge of that 'ah-geez-here-we-go-again' path; you know, the one that portends a transition of change.
Arguably the life of an artist is full of change - vis a vie:  your style, your technique, your medium, your vision.
And bless the Creative Spirit this is so as I believe we would stagnate with the curse of only doing one thing one way. I often wonder if, for those artists that reach the pinnacle of recognition globally in their style, they sometimes wish they could go back to being able to try the any old thing of discovery before they became locked into the particular subject/genre they are recognized for. 
Oh, give me that problem, huh?
Anywhatathingtocomplainaboutway, I am about to embark on a personal 'vision quest' soon. I've booked time away and put myself into some therapeutic discovery classes in order to deal with the remaining vestiges of my addictions and childhood traumas. 
Heavy stuff. 
But I find myself quietly excited to get into this time. To finally face the demons that keep me in fear - the fear of believing I am good enough - the fear of success - the fear of living large. 
My life is safe here in this little piece of paradise- I am well known; I live without having to worry about shelter; I have a great comraderie with all here. 
But, but but but. 
I'm stuck.
 It's obvious the art scene here is very proscribed in being geared towards all-beach-with-an-animal-or-two and, as is most evident, I don't paint like that. And why should I change what I find hugely satisfying and is my own? And it's evident my work sells to folks from away.  
So, off we go to see the wizard, who is actually ourself. 
Who knows what this journey will bring. And isn't that the intoxicating thing about change? Yes, there is a fear but oh, the doors you will open! 
And Life is nothing if it isn't an adventure.

The painting: "Addiction", mixed media with found objects oil on canvas, David Brady.
I've posted lots of pics of artwork here and that would generally mean I have a particular draw to the work but I gotta say, this one is freakin' brilliant. Brilliant! 

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