Wednesday, August 8, 2012

...and besides sleeping with make believe Princes...

We've been painting. (If you're wondering about the title to this post, see the previous one.....all will be revealed.
I have long had the thought of trying to incorporate my 'ladies' into a 'beach landscape' what with living here in 'beach side splendor and that's all the folks want' place....I think I blathered on about this before. It has certainly taken up my mind with the wondering about how the hey-o to make it work and anything previous to this painting just went flat on me. And I admit that this one too was making me go splah about 1/3rd of the way through. But, gods and goddesses bless us with a stubborn streak, we persevered and it finally jelled into this. 
I'm not disappointed with it and actually am thinking of carrying on with a series. Here's a close up of the hand stamped words:

Tonight we relax. 
OK, lie. I'll be looking through my collected pics to start formulating a new piece BUT! we just got the whole 8 disc set of 'EUREKA' and by golly! we're looking forward to sweet and sour chicken wings, beet salad and toasted pita and some quality sloth time watching the 16" screen. 

The painting: "The Sound Of The Ocean Is There In My Dreams"
36 X 40 
Marla Thirsk 
Aug 2012.

It's just one vowel short to make a full Haiku. What's that - a 'Hai'?
 I'm certainly the 'Ku'(ook).
Really, I am a one girl party.

OH YEAH! This marks my 400th post
I should have a contest to win something. I'll post it next time!

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