Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stranger In The Night

(The title refers to the old crooner Frank Sinatra's song "Strangers in the Night" and not my tendency towards becoming decidedly odder than usual in the wee least I hope that's the case.)

Having a good imagination is probably a requisite mien for an artist but there are times things happen to me that even my twisty little head just could not have dreamt up. 
Witness the other night. 
My bedroom is small, I may have mentioned. It is the verifiable width of the length of a queen sized bed. It is kind of cool, as it makes for a feeling of an alcove by placing my bed so that it is against 3 walls. And close to the 'end' wall is the window that for the sake of Jammie's midnight excursions ( and 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.) I keep ajar. Also, I like fresh air. 
It does, however, also make it possible for 'other' not-so-much-wanted visitors access. I wrote about the raccoon that appeared one evening and the ongoing battle I wage with those denizens of the creep > spiders.
But the visitor that appeared on the night in question was really a surprise. 
Now, I'm seriously near-sighted. Without my specs (and thank you Ben Franklin for inventing them!) I can see clearly for about 10 inches,  give or take depending on what I'm viewing. Add to that the bonus failing of night blindness and you can agree that I'm most decidedly not the gal you take on a romantic midnight stroll. Well, unless your plan is to make me fall (read: stumble ungainly) into your arms. Or on my ass, which is the more likely scenario. 
Moving right along from that particular imagined spectacle, there I am, snuggled up in my bed asleep when, true to the fact of aging, I awoke. I turned on my light and for some reason noticed a dark 'bump' down at the foot of my bed. Close to that window opening - remember me mentioning it? It wasn't 'spider-sized' so my heart didn't automatically ratchet up into the stratosphere and  I sort of shook the covers trying to move it. It didn't move. "Hmmmm," my befuddled early hour brain thinks "that's weird, maybe I'll put on my glasses"
Now Life is full of disappointments, on that we can agree, but may I say that the one I find most letdown about is the fact there is no soundtrack playing. This would have been the BEST of a time for cuing the tweeky violin sound, as I leaned closer towards the dark 'bump' at the foot of my bed.
Imagine my complete dumbfoundedness (and if that isn't a verb it should be) when the bump revealed itself to be a little tree frog. 
I gently put my hand over it to place it back outside in a much more genial environment than my bed - I guess that depends on your viewpoint as Jams seems to like it; as for human thoughts...yes, well
Anylet'snotgothereway,  I can still recall the feel of it's moistly cool and infinitely soft body in my hand. How awesome a visitor was that! Baring it turning into a Prince, it was still pretty magical.

The digital illustration is I'm not sure by who knows who. This is the problem with trying to find accompanying art to illustrate the theme of my posts. Occasionally I find some work that has no acknowledgement of Artist or even title or link to where the image came from ( and yes I know I don't post links but I do acknowledge artist and post title. )
If anyone has a clue please let me know. If you're the artist, I really like your work!

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