Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wasn't That A Party....

Wowzers what a weekend. All I would like to say to those of you who staunchly insist that they would never go to a reunion is: GO. At one point in all the merriment I looked around and could only see absolute joy on every one's faces. And, being as I along with one other school chum were the organizers, THAT made my weekend right there. Apparently I am requested to organize a 'group' birthday party in 2 years when we all turn 60.
Ok then. Let's add 'party planner' to the resume shall we?
Honestly, I was on such an adrenalin high from it all I never needed a drink.
Mind you we did have a couple of 'fraught' moments with declined debit cards when we went to pay for the Friday night venue just before heading home to 'gussy up' for the festivities which ended up making us have to drive to the bank and get a cashier's cheque and then retrace our steps and of course that made us abysmally late and we had to panic call another school chum to 'meet and greet' but hey-ho - it all worked out. The weather was superb. Friendships renewed. Friendships discovered.
LOTS of grey hair (mostly on the men) Some surprises visually. (me)
Now the photos are being sent around and uploaded to Utube etc.
* 0 *          * 0 *          * 0 *               * 0*
Why, in all that is Kodak, am I SO unphotogenic?!?
I seem to be the only one with the goofy face pose. The hair looks wa-a-a-ay too extreme beside all those grey and blondy heads. I have grown 3 chins somehow.
And I appear to be the size of a smallish dinosaur.
Bloody sigh.
No wonder the old boyfriend removed himself from my vicinity every chance he got.
Ah well.....comic relief yet again.
It is astounding to me, being that I'm so visually attuned, that I CANNOT work my own canvas. Personally I'm wishing there was a sort of 'white-out' for this girl.
Anywhataboreyouareway, shall we move along....?
There was so much good feeling and so many thank yous and hugs from everyone, that most of the image issues really pale.
...............would I do it again?
You betcha!
Painting is : "The Joyful Reunion" by Jan Massys. I like this because it really points out that reunions haven't much changed in a couple of hundred years. You still have the 'clowns', you still have the 'beauty', you still have the 'touchy/feely' going on. Some age well, some not so much. But you are all having one HELL-o of a party.

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