Friday, September 9, 2011

Silver Linings

Yes I've been absent for some time. Well, the proverbial 'storm cloud' of life has been over my arty wee head and I've just found coming here and blithering on.....insert bummer word of choice.
Computer is gasping in it's death throes too, and it takes me 5 to 10 minutes to upload pics right now. Seriously, I've got a lot of patience but this is getting beyond the pale when I can go and wash my dishes or make muffins or add a couple of touch-ups to a painting while waiting for the page to be ready.
I'd paint my fingernails except that is such wasted effort when you're an artist - 5 minutes into a painting and they're toast. Goodbye 45 $.....
Anywhatareyoutryingtosayway, I'm going to shut the Blog down for now. Going to deal with the myriad 'little showers' happening and just maybe I'll re'invent' this blog in a different way.
Not too much feedback anyhow and , yeah yeah, I get that most folks just lurk but I think I only have @ 3 people checking in anywhatasadstatisticway......
So, to you most faithful, a very big cyber thanks.....I will see you again, somehow, someway!
Painting: Untitled Pastel by Larry Moore. Isn't that fantastic? I admire this painting big time.

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