Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Tomorrow I will be travelling 6.5 hrs to go back to the city of my birth and to meet up with people I haven't seen in 40 years.
The High School Reunion is on this weekend.
And I can't wait.
Also you may have noticed the 'Artist's photo' has changed.
 I've reinvented myself.
It was a truly spur of the moment happening....I walked into a salon in Tuff city that I'd never ever been in before and gave the absolutely creative genius of a stylist 'carte blanche' to work on me.
Here's what went in the door:

<Kinda washed out and decidedly aging woman canvas there....
                                 Here's what walked out:>
 Now is that a 'holey smokey' moment or what?
There you go. I guess every once in a while you just have to take a blind leap of  'what the hell' into Life.
It also occurs to me that this is the process of Art as well. You are constantly 'reinventing' your style and your technique and your subject matter. Sometimes it is not what you hoped for   but  sometimes....well, the freeking heavens open up to you.
So on Friday night as I step forward to greet the changed canvas of all those 'kids' I graduated with so long ago, I'm going to be thinking of how the canvas of life has worked on them. The brushstrokes of time leaves it's texture on us all. And isn't life a constant reinvention of ourselves too? From child to young adult to aging soul, what a rich rich palette we have to work with!
Never be afraid to leap.

(ps...I've gotten some superbly awesome Art Framed glasses to wear too!)
(ppss....Accepted into the Sidney Art Show!!)
(pppsss...."It Was 40 Years Ago Today....

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  1. Wow. Honey, you look fabulous! Hope the weekend went well and looking forward to hearing all about it.