Thursday, September 15, 2011

Liar, Liar; Pants On Fire I am again.
I'm a GEMINI...what can I and cold about EVERYTHING!
I think it's the 'evil twin' side taking over when I say or do something that doesn't necessarily pan out....sigh. We all have our crosses to bear.
I truly am my own worst enemy. YipYipYip....
Let's proceed, shall we?
Back from a 3 day down island jaunt to my beloved friends home that provides me a base of operations and safe haven to lay my burden down....(cue music..preferably Aretha Franklin). Delivered the 2 pieces for the first round in the juried show process....always rife with anxiety for me because the aforementioned 'evil twin' whispers black thoughts continuously...gah! (picture artist with hands around throat) Also a LOT of running around into Victoria proper. Now, usually, driving around in the city makes my knuckles clench spasmodically on my steering wheel. I may have mentioned that driving is not the fav of activities for moi. However, I think a major breakthrough happened as I was pretty relaxed this time. I navigated downtown traffic and parking with a decided 'savoir faire' and was even switching up lanes and all that 'lookee mee confidence' that certainly has not been a part of the personal canvas for many a year. Smug looks all round. It has me wondering about what actually makes the 'switch' flip, so to speak. Experience? Perhaps. Inner growth? Well, maybe. Age? Isn't that just experience of a sort? Who can say....all I know is I felt very good when it occurred to me that driving was actually not a task of Herculean proportions anymore.
Now I need that feeling to carry through to my painting.....indeed.
I will hear on Monday via the electronic highway if I'm in or out. All I can say is that when I picked up my work, it was in a back room facing the wall. Not exactly inspiring thoughts of 'ooo goody' currently.
Sometimes it's just a long long long road to walk being an artist.
Anywhatalifeway, we do have an extraordinary event on the horizon!
Our 40th year High School Reunion. FOURty years! Mother of all old children! I've been helping to organize this and I'm really pumped to see all these 'kids' from long ago coming to the event. I've spent WAY too much money on outfits etc (....really, am I going to wear this stuff to shop at the CoOp) and I'm definately stressed about weight (woman, oh woman...) and I've got the 'hair' business going on and so forth ad nauseam.
Heaven preserve me....I'm going to be fratzed by the time I go over next Thursday. But, then again, lots of everyone else is as old as me. That's the thing about these sorts of events. You are all sharing the arrival on the planet year and the journey thus far. And you will look at each other with the eyes of remember when.
So! To recap:
We will be writing the Blog still.
We can now drive relatively relaxed.
We buy too many outfits.
We think too much.

The painting: "Liar" by Julian Kimmings. I really think this captures my 'Evil Twin'. That 'foxy' slyness. Great stuff.

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