Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The BEST Four-Letter Word

And that would be SOLD.
Yes indeedly, can we say the Art Show was a resounding success?
In all the years I've been involved with our little local Art Show (and that's been close to 20 years...eesh!) this is the first time I've sold all pieces submitted. Sweet. (and the Bank is v.v. happy too) The show also made history by being the first show to make a substantial amount of money with more works and big ticket ones at that, being sold. There are some 'kicking-myself' artists around here for not entering today I'll bet. I'm sure a lot of the success has to do with the new venue of the Black Rock Resort here in lil' ol' Ukee. What a grand place! I thought when the show was in the Pacific Rim Park Info Center on Wickaninnish Beach that nothing would be able to top it....well, I stand corrected.
It makes having to tackle my income tax 'files' (that's a loose term - picture proverbial 'shoebox') (not kidding) almost pleasurable.
And it feels good to know all the hard work of setting up/taking down has paid off so handsomely.


  1. Oh, Congratulations!! That is so fantastic, Marla! I SO wish I was there to see the place decked out with such fabulous art.
    Although, can I also say that I am just a teeny bit glad that I have such a decent excuse to not be one of those "kicking-myself" artists??
    Oh, one day..one day....So many things to accomplish in this life, isnt there?! Darn having too many passions to focus on at once...

    PS...Did the piece glued to the driftwood with twist-tie-wire sell??? I was cringing along with you, your words painted quite the picture.

  2. Congratulations on another strong showing of your recent work. It's clear that your paintings have reached out and found connections with many viewers.