Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hi-YO ! I'm over here!

In my eternal quest to garner some recognition for my art, I posted some paintings on a site promising recognition and etc etc etc. Admitting to some alot of scepticism in this kind of thing I was pleasantly surprised to get the following today:

Dear Marla,

Thank you for sharing your work and your story by submitting to The Power of Self. The Self-portrait, in any medium or interpretation, is an incredibly powerful means of personal expression. We recognize the great amount of reflection it takes to create a work of self portraiture and we’d like to offer you some feedback on your Power of Self submission.
Your portfolio is an intriguing interpretation of the portrait in the painting genre. I find it fascinating how you are using the old photographs of your mother as inspiration and creating totally new paintings. I love the graphic element in your work and how you mix all kinds of opposing patterns together! That is so successful. I especially like how in Beginning you blend the subject's hair into the pattern of the flower. Your work is really strong and I look forward to seeing it progress even further!
Our amazing panel of judges will decide our Grand Prize Winner, however, People’s Choice voting is now open, so share your portfolio with all your friends, family and social network and ask them to vote for you!
Your Portfolio Link:  Share this Link!

By sharing your link and gathering votes/feedback you will increase your chances at winning the $2,500 cash prize and the publicity that comes with the People’s Choice Award.

Marietta Davis
Guest Curator
Artists Wanted

.....well, it is a kind of 'pat-yer-own-back' feeling to get folks to vote for you but if you do feel I deserve some wee bit of notice, could you swing over there and click on the number of stars you feel I warrant.
Goddessofallartisticendeavors knows I could stand the monetary handout.
I thank you.

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