Sunday, April 3, 2011

Please See Version Two For That

Every once in a while, I'd like to have a duplicate 'me' to handle everyday stuff.
Don't we all?
You have to admit having the 'other' to deal with appointments and interrupting telephone calls and the myriad stuff that makes up our day would be nice.
For me this thought always jumps to the forefront of my mind around this time of year because it goes from the desert of nothing going on to the tidal wave of a full schedule of events. And it's seemingly all at once.
This month of March is generally the kick off to my 'arty' year with the PRAS Art Show that has 3 works  I need to create. That leads into assorted other things and these can depend on the reception of work displayed  at the show which may mean a commission or 2. Then there is my 'BIGDEAL' show - Sooke Fine Arts Show- that I try to create 3 major works for. In 'major' I mean that I push my boundaries and kick up my work a notch or two. And for some reason that calls the working of the universe into question, I get asked to do many various things - all art related! - that end up with me having to make a list and timeline to stick on my high-tech bulletin board, (the back of my door (I LOOK at it every time Jams needs a stroll in the outside environment....every 1/2 hr it seems)) all so that I can keep the balls all in the air.
At the current moment I have:
* Painting for Sooke Show (only 1/3 way through first piece)
* Designing, building and painting a photo Cut-Out board for the Chamber of Commerce.
* Poster for a local DJ
* Set up of work and ccommitment to appearance during Arts Week March 10th to 15th
All (or most) to be done by month end.

In addition to above, I must make a not-so-nice trip into Port (1 1/2 hrs away) for a 'special' ultra sound on a gimpy body part and you can understand why I'd like to be cloned.
Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Jams has morphed into a clingy 14 month old.
I cannot sit down at the computer with out her immediately positioning herself by my knee and constantly putting out her paw - with claws extended- into said knee, demanding a pick-up-and-scratch-me-pet-me scenario.
That is the monster I've created.
Now, if I cloned myself.....
Picture is of a sculpture called "The First Human Clone" by Wesley Anderegg. I like this because that's how my clone would feel and look doing all the above.
I know I do.

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