Saturday, April 30, 2011

The new series: LIVING THE MYTH - Down The Rabbit Hole

And here it is, finally, the newest painting. This one certainly has been a journey to complete. It started as a large canvas 40" X 60" and the figure was first standing up against the wall with legs akimbo (and isn't that a great word?) and the rabbit going through the door from between the legs. However part way through the start of painting that, I had a visit from a very dear young artist friend who is the manager of a prestigious gallery in Vancouver and someone who I mentored as a child. Kinda cool that. Anyawaywegoagainway, he came to a small show I was doing at a new venue here and was giving me some hints and pointers. The problem is that I got tangled up in the 'maybe-I'm-not-painting-the-right-way-so-I-need-to-change' idiocy due to the shaky self confidence we creative souls often have. It made me fool around with the original painting lay out and, well, basically, screw it up royally.
So I just redid the whole thing; cut down the frame to 38" X 40", and redrew the figure. And this is what came from that.
I'm thinking this worked out just right.
The background was a hand carved stamp of a tree that I painted to make it more sharp. The cat is Jams....and isn't she just perfect. I had to redo her wonky eye mind you. I hand painted them as well. That's got to be the coolest effect.
Never give up. And stay true to your vision.

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  1. Marla.. first off... thank you ..
    Thank you for being so candid about your fears and your process. Thank you for sharing your self doubt but most importantly your talent! I love the skirt on this girl.. it is so vibrant, and alive.
    The floor reminds me of the first house we lived in in Ukee right across from the bookstore on Imperial Lane.. The floors upstairs looked just like this super wonky and amazing.
    The thing that struck me most about this post is that feeling of thinking that maybe you are not doing your art "right".
    My wonderful talented, self taught musician husband struggles with this so much..
    He struggles with the notion of not being a "real" musician..
    It is so obvious to me and and so many others.. that this is what he was born to do..I feel the same way about you and your work Marla..
    Your voice (style of painting) is unique, it is a gem and a gift and I am always so pleased when a piece surprises me..
    With this one it is the skirt... and by the way the face is pretty great too...
    Brava lovely!!!
    Thank you for being brave!