Friday, May 28, 2010

Still Happenin'


24 X 24

Acrylic, Paneton pen, pencil crayon

Here we are - the third in this reverse series....and I'm getting, um, bored with it.

This might have a lot to do with the fact I just recieved 100 new (well, actually they are old but they are new to me) photos.

And there are some real treasures in there!

I shall be working on a new theme tomorrow, I think.

ps...Jams has now decided that this chair I'm sitting on is just the best blessed place for a cat to be. This means that my decidedly not so blessed butt has approximatly 2 inches to perch on. It sucks, as it seems to cause my ass to fall asleep.
Honestly the cat rules me.

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