Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Detritus - the other paint

I noticed the other day that my paintings have a fair amount of 'other' in them. My 'other' seems to be mainly cat hair.....courtesy of the Jams, of course.
And this got me wondering about the well, bits, that paintings invariably manage to gather because, unless you are phenomenally anal and work in an sterile environment , you will get. I did a Google on it but failed to find anything, however I suspect it comes from me not knowing how to search for what this topic is. I do remember reading somewhere that they can now authenticate paintings from trace DNA left behind in a painting. Wild. Makes my mind go to a visual of sneezing. EEWwww......
Ok, this is kinda silly as a topic but it is something I bet most of you haven't considered, huh? I know for a fact a fellow artist that 'spits' into their watercolor. And it's well known that the old masters used their own urine to mix into oil paint...(True! Look it up)
TMI, hey?
Anywhatagrossthingway, here is where my mind is venturing today. In my defense, may I say it's a rather grey and rainy day. Good for painting, though.
I feel a sneeze coming on.

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