Tuesday, May 25, 2010


OOPS...forgot I had the 'caps' lock on and got the funny reverse title font.....however, I like it visually so it stays.

Allrighty here's the next of the 'reversed black and white' series:


24 X 24

Acrylic, Panetone pen and pencil crayon

The background went through a few changes. Originally, I had a whole different foreground along with some Matrushka Dolls but changed that as it seemed contrived. The 'reversing' just came from my "in bed" critique method where I came upon that idea. Lot of fiddly-diddly, let me tell you! But I do love the jump around effect it gives. My fav part is her feet....go figure.
My apologies for a kind of 'yellowy' cast to the photo - my batteries are running low....again.
Still waiting for my 200 photos.......

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