Thursday, May 20, 2010

OOO! Grandma! What Big TATS You Have!

For that last painting I did some research for a tattoo image that would work for the figure and was swept up in the wildly weird and twisty world that tattooing encompasses.
Holy putreallyawfulthingsonmybody Batman!
There are some phenomenally gobsmacking choices made by folks out there! Really beautiful ones too, but what in godsandgoddesses names makes someone think 'psycho' across the forehead is a good decision. (and it was spelt wrong)
Ok, besides questionable personal choice, what I'm wondering about is what is all this body accoutrement going to look like when said wearer is 60 and older? As those of us who are rapidly heading down this particular life passage knows, your skin changes. It gets wrinkly. It loses elasticity. It is not the tightly wrapped package it once was.
And that's not even considering the fact that as you age, your body tends towards the 'wider' shores of appearance. And tattoos fade and blur with age as well.
Consequently, in my strange imagination, I'm seeing the future 'care home' peopled by these old dears covered in blurry faded images as they nod vacantly in their wheelchairs. I'm not sure if this is funny or sad.....or creepy.
Or is it only me that has a mind even slightly fascinated by thinking about such a bizarre thing?

'Till next time!

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