Saturday, December 31, 2011

Brand New Canvas

Ah, yes, here we are  - - New Year's Eve and the inclination to post about all things 'Resolution' is temptation indeed. I am 'resolving' to refrain. I'm sure all of you can find that in spades all over cyberspace.
New Year's has always seemed an odd thing to me - no, no, not the whole 'celebrate another year/fresh start' tradition but the time of year it happens in. I've always thought Spring would be a good time with all that awakening of the earth business except Easter has that pretty much sewn up as IT'S own special time and you're left with the question about when to have a New Year and I guess after Christmas is sort of the 'Default' position.
Oh and I hate kissing strangers at midnight too. Really. Am grossed/creeped out by mashing lips with all and sundry.
Personal quirk.
Yes, and anygofigureway, I suppose having to mark a time of year for a fresh start is a good thing. Like a brand new canvas sitting in front of you. You have the vision; you are hoping/determined to make it the best one yet; maybe you'll cry in frustration/disappointment, maybe you'll get that 'nailed it!' feeling; you might, you might not but you're going to keep on going until you do.
Yeah....that's Life.
Just grab the brush (or whatever implement you have) and dive in.

The painting: " New Year's Poster " by Han-Wu Shen from China. That's some nice. Lots of symbolism and if you're Chinese you get it, it has a lot to do with the mythology inherit in the figure on the poster behind the young woman. I've got China on my mind because the Global Ed class at the local High School has asked me to do a poster for them as that's where they are going and they're trying to fund raise for that.
And I'm just feeling that if our schools can offer these programs then the world is not so bad.
And that's a nice way to feel at the start of a new year.

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  1. The Han-Wu Shen painting is absolutely beautiful! I have been reading a number of books written by people of Chinese descent and their stories about growing up with tradition minded families, especially during and after World War II are fascinating and heart rending. Wayson Choy is my latest find in authorship - so many talented people all around the globe and we are so fortunate to be part of that brother/sisterhood. Hope you have a wonderful new year with lots of amazing paintings flowing from you!