Sunday, January 3, 2010

Collage of a Day in the Life

Well, it's been one little strange thing after another today...made me think that all these moments make a collage of what a day for me can be like; if you see.

First off, I hung up my great present of the Joni Mitchell Poster "Turbulent Indigo" (GREAT album by the way!) in the studio and was greatly pleased by this gift. That's the pic that is attached to this post. Joni calls herself "A painter that also sings" which I really like. Altho' I do wish I could sing and play music as good as she does!

Then I kind of had a very odd feeling about me...I'm out of canvases; which I had ordered but with the holiday etc. the delivery has been delayed, leaving me feeling rather like a 'junkie' without the proverbial. I spent today in rather aimless pursuits, hungering every odd moment for a canvas to start a new I suppose if you have to have a 'monkey', a canvas addiction is pretty much acceptable. Hopefully tomorrow will bring relief! Anyway, to sort of combat this weird 'jonesing', I read my Christmas book "Lost Symbol", which is Dan Brown's newest Robert Langdon novel. A CRACKING good read! Although ever since seeing the movie 'Da Vinci Code', Tom Hank's face is firmly implanted in my brain. Not so sure about that. This took up quite a chunk of the day until I watched "Inkheart" - I'm a sucker for imagination it seems. I'd also love the ability to 'make things come alive'...yeah! Then I decided to 'finish touch-up' my latest painting "Ugly Monkey". This activity can make or break you - you can push the painting over the edge by fiddling around too much with it. I remember someone once blathering on about some Robert Bateman documentary and how he was putting on a 'wash'...that's a very thin, watery coat of color over parts or the whole of your painting. It CAN be very tricky if you misjudge the amount or the depth of color - acrylic has the odd thing of darker colors drying lighter and visa versa. Anyway, Robert was saying such about this being the tricky thing that it is and he might ruin his painting; and the person viewing this was outraged at what they percieved as nonsense, being that Mr. Bateman was a pretty accomplished painter and so KNEW what he was doing. I was kind of bemused by the reaction as I understood what Bob was getting at. That always makes me think about how folks seem to be more amazed if your painting takes a lo-o-o-ong time as opposed to winging it off in a few days.


Anyway, while in the studio, I misplaced Jams. Really! I saw her wandering up on the table and heard her walking over some tissue paper, then she just...disapeared. And, no, I wasn't actually watching her do a 'Cheshire Cat' thing, it's just when I turned around to see where she got to, poof! I couldn't find her. About 15 mins later, she strolled out of the bedroom.

Totally Schroedeger's cat!

Then I was Internetting and some weird 'Content Application' box popped up and I inadvertently checked it and the next thing I know EVERY flipping page I pulled up was asking for a password and not allowing me to view the content. GAH! THAT got attended to pretty darn quick!

There you go. Pretty mundane stuff, really but it's my life!

And, by golly, I'm thankful for it!

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