Monday, January 11, 2010


...and that would be sung in a high squeaky voice, ya?
OK. Have been tapping into other Women Artist Blogs lately and for some reason they've been, for the most part, watercolorists. I'm intrigued by that. I used to paint in watercolor for many years (if I can locate an old pic of one I'll post it) Loved the medium a lot EXCEPT when it came to matting and framing which proved to be 1: expensive and 2: time consumingly lots of work. (Cut the matt, assemble the mat, assemble the mat and painting; cut the frame, assemble the frame, paint the frame; cut the glass, clean the glass, clean the glass, clean the glass ; put it all together; take it apart because there is a smut in the corner; get it right?) And I did my own. (I was a picture framer for @ 15 years - a skill I believe EVERY artist needs to know!) When I started into acrylic, I remember thinking how wonderful it was to not have to fiddle with the finished painting AFTER to make it presentable. Also, in the pretentious world of Art, watercolors are NEVER considered as "good" as the more, oh shall we say, 'thick' mediums of oil or acrylic. Certainly oils and acrylics can be priced, not a lick of sense in this at all. Watercolor is very much an incredibly difficult medium to master. You make a mistake -well, you make a MISTAKE. I remember being turned down at a Gallery in Whistler because, as the curator said" No one is interested in watercolors". (Lift your nose higher!)
In any case, what makes me wonder, is how it's the medium of 'beginner' painters as well as how many women choose it. No wonder beginner painters choose to stop with the difficulty it presents. And why are so many watercolorists women - not that there aren't men but they seem to have some sort of magic carpet ride into the Art Heavens that is a longer slog for women...but I digress. Certainly in any watercolor workshop I've ever been to, the class is exclusively or predominately, women.
Well, more power to us, I say.
But I AM really glad I changed to painting in acrylic !!

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