Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tales from the Road - part 1

No, no,  not in a foreign clime but the weather has been super enough to feel like I've arrived in a more southerly location and since that actually is true, well, here we are! Took me 3 hours yesterday to move into my little 'home away from home' and I'm feeling pretty perky about the whole darn thing so far. The BIG news is I went out and purchased a laptop - why, in all that is computer-ishy, did it take me so long to get on board with this little gem of technology? (you realize that's a rhetorical question, right?) Mind you I still keep looking for the darn mouse - and am feeling 'out of touch' when confronted by the simplest things - such as walking back to the store this morning to ask why the screen was just dead - yeah, you got it - we were shown the button up top to push so the laptop turned on. *sigh* Did I mention how so not techy we are? I also forgot the camera cord to hook into this machine so that I can download pics....always something. But, the speed! The ease of transport! The cool stuff I can access now that WI-FI is all around me!  
Anygeekingoutway, I've 'put up' all the paintings I brought with me, (no hooks in the wall so we've "strategically" placed) - really, Art improves EVERYTHING - and there's a jacuzzi tub which just about signals heaven to this old gal. We're close to downtown for all my appointments and truly, within walking distance of all sorts of great things - waterfront, park, funky shops and galleries, cool little neighborhoods etc etc etc. Oh pinch me!  
Yes, I'd move in a heartbeat.
That's 'bout it for now - I'm still in the 'honeymoon' phase with all this. We'll update next week - who knows what'll happen by then.......(oh, cue the dun,dun,dun...)

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