Saturday, July 7, 2012

Um, Hi? It's us, your next door neighbor?

Ah, hello good people, wherever you are. 
In the world of stereotypical behavior, there is nothing to compare to the oft-times irritating one that exists between Canada and it's neighbor to the south, the US.  And that adage is: The States knows absolutely nothing about us - we who have lived peaceably ( well apart from those earlier days when we all were hot-headed conquering rampagers) beside each other for oh, almost 150 years, give or take those murky waters way-the-hey-o-back-then. I was brought up against this the other day when reading one of my favourite Blogs: Lines and Colours (I have a link)
The very esteemed author is one of my favs when it comes to illustration and this is truly one of the BEST blogs out there about Art and Artists. However, and it pains me to say this, he did fall into the above category when in his post about the 4th of July  he made a somewhat sarcastic comment about the fact the US celebrates it's Presidents and does not defer to some old lady in a strange hat. 
Ah geez anywhydon'tyoucheckyourfactsway.
OK yes and all, Canada was a British colony for a goodly # of years  BUT ! has had it's Independence for 145 years now. ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE.
For crying out loud. Get past thinking we're still a British colony already Uni-States. 
Now in the author's defense, I may be jumping to conclusions about thinking he was referring to Canada with that remark but since we celebrate our 'Independence' on July 1st, so close to July 4th - it does seem an inference is applicable.
But then we all know US people are rude and carry guns, right? 

The pic is a New Yorker cartoon and there is nothing that compares to the awesomeness of New Yorker cartoons.

Also may I add that I have a gazillion relatives in the States and they are the finest folks I know. Please accept that I write with a tongue firmly in place.

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