Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Oogie Is Strong In You, Little One

I, along with a vast army of fellow beings it appears, share a decided aversion to the species Arachnid. I think I mentioned this in a previous post when talking about my 'Phobia' Series. 
Anyeightleggedway, what's brought this skin crawling subject up is my latest posting on that cyber-space party-line telephone : Facebook. I had a nightmare a few nights ago about tidal waves washing away the forest (and that brings up even further disturbing reactions but carrying on...) and I woke up to find a large spider of the Wolf variety creeping across my ceiling. My posting the story of the ensuing battle I waged with removing said invader by applying my broom to it's self - and it made a 'thump' when it hit the floor I kid you not - and the using a couple of rolls of toilet paper to pick up those mortal remains and flush it into a watery grave via the porcelain coffin (toilet) made for some lively responses. 
I had my lovely spiritual acquaintances telling of the mythological powers represented by spider and it's significance in life.
 OK. Very cool.
I had my honored eco buddies giving me tips on how to remove the intruder in a safe involves dust mops.
 Not happening. Not in my world.
And I had all these treasured people telling their own tales of their encounters with this small yet mighty beast. 
Yay! Sharing!
Each and every response was from a woman (excepting one from a guy who - in the most male way - played into our fright factor.  "It can JUMP and it's coming for you-u-u-u..... )  
We've never left kindergarten......sigh.
The thing about all this that has me intrigued is this almost universal aversion by women to these 'wigglers'.....a strange thing if you take a moment to consider. Now why is that? A genetic code imprint for females to react in horror to spiders? Was it something way way back for us to make double sure no 'crawlies' were near the kids? And in hot countries where we all came from (Africa -true story- each and every one of us can be genetically traced to there) (but I go off as usual) yes, ok, the thing is spiders can be very dangerous. And well worth having some caution around.
Out here in remote land wet coast, we have WOLF (as I said) spiders that are actually benign but they seem to grow to the size of VWs - a bite can be painful but not fatal. However the other species we have is the BROWN RECLUSE and that little sweetie CAN be very dangerous indeed. 
In any case I will remain ever vigilant at this time of year when these critters appear and seem to want to move in with me. 
And I now sleep with my broom by my bed. 

So as a little addendum, here's my tale: I once had a cat that actively hunted for spiders. The vision of 'FooFee' with wiggly legs sticking out of her mouth keeps the 'oogie' strong in me. 

The pic is from a website by Rob Dunn and I just love the whole 'fear factor' horror show about it. I was looking for a painting of spiders but it appears that makes for 'kitch' or really bad or botanical reality. 
And that has me wondering too.....

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