Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Keep Moving Forward (Walt Disney)

I've been working on a painting for more than a week now - and it's making me slightly want-to-hit-something-violently feeling; but we are persevering. (Also why I'm late posting a tale to the blog-go) Somewhere in the midst of countless scrubbing off of this large canvas in the bathtub  ( yes you can wash off acrylic as it actually takes a good 3 or so weeks for the paint to actually adhere into the painting surface - only the top skin dries immediately) ( just full of little gems, hmmm?) and redrawing/painting, there is a great vision trying to be realized. 
This 'a-a-a-k-k-k-' behaviour stems from me wanting to paint something that will still be 'in my style' yet be more 'west-coasty' because the peeps want to hold an Art Show titled "Painting your Place" and I feel left out from the theme as I told them which they all 'pooh-poohed' but still. Vibrant ladies aside, hugely colourful and detailed backgrounds of flowery leaves and birds doesn't immediately bring the Pacific Rim of Canada to mind.
..... L.A. maybe? 
Anywhatthehellonowway, this has me thinking about stubborn tenacity in the face of all odds and how small things can change your direction on the road.
While waiting for the paint to dry so that I can add another color over - don't ask - I am roving cyber-space once again. And I found a great article from The Guardian, which I'm pretty sure is the UK's major news rag , all about what artists do to keep the roof over and food on whilst (god that's such a fine fine word) whilst staying true to the Creative Soul. 
Now I am hugely grateful that I have  a situation that affords me the gift of basically painting every day and not worrying (excessively) about roofs and foods but still I do occasionally have to bow down to the demon $$bills and accept some odd work.  Latest being that comedy of idiots job with Census Canada but I must say there is something that makes me relieved I don't have to do some of these 'jobs' my fellow arteestos have had to do. Witness one lovely soul that had to dress up as a condom......0*0..... or perhaps the fellow that worked as an attendant for a severely disabled man with a need for sex so the artist had to drive him to a prostitute and then wait outside the car while needs were met. Apart from the empathetic sadness for the disabled gentleman this situation creates, it is a bit 'oogie'. 
All of the above is mainly to say that whatever our hurdles may be, the best move is forward, ever forward. You just have to keep on keeping on whatever life is tossing at you - weird jobs, fitness issues, paintings or driving a long way. 
The painting: "County Road" by Don Gray. 


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