Saturday, November 7, 2009

Artist Life - Coles Notes version

Wow - didn't realize it's been so long since I've posted here. Well, I do have excuses - artist kind. First it was Halloween. I've been asked to decorate the town hall pretty much every year since ,oh, 2001 maybe, so I have a lo-o-ong history doing this. The first few years it was a volunteer gig but turned into me pretty much doing it all...making props and setting up, so as of last year, when I completely ran it all by making the huge old town hall into Harry Potter Hogwarts with a Diagon Alley mock up, I started asking for a small recompense. (My time being valuable too and I think I provide a good money's worth of effort) That just about did me in and took 3 weeks of creating props in my tiny living room to accomplish but I did get BC Hydro's "Smart" award because I did it all from recycled materials...yay me.....anyway, the point being is I DO enjoy it but often wonder if I'll still be staple gunning bats and owls and what have you when I'm 80....are there really no other creative souls around here that could do just as - if not better - job of this? (by the by - that's my Dracula i made from old clothing and recycled fabrics plus a $7.00 mask)
And that leads me into the other thing I'm doing which has kept me occupied and not blogging lately; to whit: The Christmas Craft Fair which I've been organizing for 12 (?!) years now. And the one year I took off, the person who did take it on alienated most folks so I was requested to please do it again.
I like to be acknowledged for having an orginizational gift and I like to think that I'm good at what I do but every so often I really wish I could just...PAINT.

Ok - really this is just silly to complain about. In some ways I love the pulling together of people and things to make a cohesive whole but in other ways it's just so much chaos in my otherwise singular life.
Yes, well, maybe I'll someday get "Citizen of the Year" if not leave behind a veritable plethora of great props.

Hello, Hollywood...?
PS..I did also manage to paint a new painting....

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